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Citat inspirativ: " Mai bine sa iubesti si sa pierzi decat sa nu iubesti niciodata! "


miercuri, 14 decembrie 2011

December! Letter for Santa :D

How I wish for snow, how I wish for you, how I wish for everyone, how I wish for joy.
The lights are shining, the house is warm, people ar feeling the true way of a merry holiday.
The sound of Christmas Remixed Holiday Classics Re-Grooved - Happy Holidays (Beef Wellington Remix) makes me wanna dance. The only problem is; I wish for snow to step on it, to be covered by snow flakes, and dance with the very first snow man(girl) ;))
How I wish for snow on Christmas and New Year!
I' ll give you milk and cookies in return :D ;)
See you soon! On Christmas Eve :) ;)

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